Co-founder Scott D. Wiele has always felt that when a company provides services they should be of the highest quality, this is why he co-created EverKleen. EverKleen is a comprehensive industrial cleaning, painting, and resurfacing contractor. Scott D. Wiele with his partner oversees the management and production crews. These teams collectively provide many years of experience in the cleaning and painting business.

The specialized industrial and environmental services provided are the highest quality available today. Whether you require services for large scale industrial outages or smaller specialized cleaning projects, EverKleen’s core values are the same: each project must be safe, environmentally sound, and fairly priced. These are the values that were important to Scott D. Wiele and fueled his interest in co-founding the company.

EverKleen’s comprehensive knowledge and experience are results oriented, but their results are based on your needs. They work together with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction. They also offer a variety of services for many different types of customers such as heavy manufacturing, industrial plants, food processing, manufacturing facilities, agricultural enterprises, distribution centers, petro-chemical plants, refineries, plant shutdown work, truss ceilings, all walls and floors, chemical plants, ethanol plants, parking garages, silos and storage structures, tanks and more. Scott D. Wiele, co-founder of EverKleen, set out to bring high quality service to all clientele. See what EverKleen can do for you.